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« on: December 28, 2021, 07:09:19 pm »
Call 402-297-5816 NEW number for more information.
All Indoor tag Sales CASH ONLY , NO EARLY SALES.
Please come prepared with moving blankets, resources, tools, bags or boxes.
You do not have to login or register to view the sale pages or pictures[/b]

Thank you for checking and your patience.
Guest Auctioneer Jeff Eby

Check out pictures here http://koauctions.com/index.php?action=media;sa=album;in=3

or click on media, then on albums, then on this months sale, at the bottom of that  page, click on  page

1809 LaPlatte Road
Bellevue, Ne.
Wally is retiring after 47 years.
Tools and equipment from the seventies to now.

Plattsmouth Lions club will be on site with FOOD TRUCK



Snap On 16 Drawer Roller Cabinet
Cornwell Tool boxs
Ilco KEY machines and key blanks, Tumbler kits

New Lozier Shelving

AC DELCO Signs and Banners, Monroe Thermastat, other collectables

Snap On Par X three quarter in. Socket set
Snap On  three quarter sockets
Axle sockets
Mac three quarter in. Socket set

Half in. Ingersol Rand Impact
Three quarter Impact

Bushing and Bearing installer
Helicoil and Keenserts thread serts
Ball Joint and Spring tools
OMT Master Inner Tie Rod Tool kit
Borroughst BT 7920 tubing bender
Engine Preluber Trans. Pressure Tester
Lisle Valve Spring Tool
Engine Lift Brackets
Engine bolts for Engine Stand
Blue Bird Engine Stand
Blue Bird portable Engine Lift with cart

U Joint Press`
Continental 30 ton Hydraulic press
Jet 13R Drill Press
Columbia Bench Grinder
AC gauges and hoses and AC 55
Pag Oil
Lisle Spill Free Funnel
Ingersoll Rand Polisher
Blue Point Sand Blaster
SNAP ON CJ1000F Puller Set

Autel 708 Scan tool
Sun Vat 45 Battery and Charging Tester
Sun Motor Vac Fuel System Cleaning
OTC Leak Tamer and Evap Tester
Camshaft Bearing Tool
OMT front Wheel Drive bearing tools
The Hook Power Probe
Innova Timing Light
Snap On Flaring tool kit
Snap On KV Probe
Snap On and Kent Moore AC tools
Ryobi Saws All
Makita three eights Drill
Makita Angle drill
Mac Front hub installer set
Mac LT4000A hubcap lock removal tool kit
Dorman  AC line repair kit
Dorman Fuel line repair kit
MOPAR DRBII 1983 to 1994
Drill Doctor

Ford  EEC IV Breakout Box
THEXTON Ford  TFI  IV Ignition Tester
MAC Jumper Lead Tester
SNAP ON Torque Meter Inch Pound
CTI  A.I.R. tool
OTC Nozlrater II Diesel Injector Tester
AC Delco Air Conditioning O Ring and Service Kit

Vintage AC Delco PCV Valve cabinet with valves
Vintage Headlight Aiming kits
Miscellaneous Vintage tools
Vintage King Pin Tools
Vintage Cam Machine Adapters
Vintage DI 200 and 300 Data links
Vintage oil fill can
Plymouth heater dash panel

Goodall Starting Unit no. 708
AMMCO 4000 Brake Lathe
2 Floor Jacks
WALKER Transmission Jack with Transfer case Adp.
Big Rig Hot water Pressure washer,by American Kleaner, Fuel injected Diesel
Mac Dowell Pin Puller set
Miller Dodge Ram Differential tools
Clutch Alignment tools
Inner tie rod kit
Filko Parts Cabinet and Ignition Parts- points, condensors, rotors, more
Eis, Delco, Filko Parts cabinets, other cabinets
New Delco and other brands of parts, Ignition, Filters, Brakes, seals and bearings, Brake lines,
Gaskets and more
New Tahoe Fuel pump

Over a hundred used GM Programable Computers and older computers   
OTC Housing Spreader 7 and half to 11 and  half
Front end tools
Moog Ball Joint Press
6 miscellaneous Pullers
Fan Clutch tools
Assorted Drill bits
2 Black and Decker half in. drill
Black and Decker five eights drill

Miller 8310 Airbag Load Tool
Miller 9674 2005 and 2006 LX Axle tools
Miller 8887 Axle tools
Ironton Manual Oil Extractor
Rotunda Super Star II
Rotunda Star Tester and Aim Tester
Vintage Rotunda T74P-77000 C-3 trans. Tools
Vintage Rotunda Transmission tools
Mity Vac Fluid Evacuator
Gear Lube Pump
Auto Domestic CD Training
Snap ON Whirlwind Fan
SnapOn MT480 Diesel Timing Meter
Craftsman Wrenches 5 pc. 1and one sixteenth to 1and half
3 Bottle Jacks
Tektronix Lab Scope
Harris Torch with tanks
Branick Strut compression tool wall mount
Hot Tank parts washer
Solvant parts washer
6 SUN tune up machines
Allen Tune Up machine

Mac 300 Amp Boost Charger
Peerless Alternator tester
J41413-300A Evap tester Plug kit
Miller Transmission Adapter set 6906-10
Lisle Pneumatic Fan clutch wrench set
Delco 10 in. power buffer
AC Emission Analyzer

GM E Proms
87 Chevy half ton Bumper taken off truck at 4000 miles
New 96 Dodge Ram 2500 automatic 2 wheel drive 5.9 Diesel Radiator
New Chevrolet Corvette Valve Covers for Tune Port and LT1

3 Packard Terminal Repair kits
Fuel system Accessories
2 Bower BCA National bearing and seal cabinets with stock in them
Shop Vac
Jack stands
Dorman drain plug kit
Several small parts kits
Push type Retainer kit

82 to 2000 GM Factory manuals car, Truck, and Heavy truck

8 and 6 hole Chevy truck tires and wheels sets of 4
Hub caps

3 crates of Carburetors
Tow chain

Lateral file
Lg. floor shop fan
Theater Lobby stainless  Ashtrays
Fish cleaning table
Vintage Thermometers

Vintage Montgomery  Ward outboard motor
Vintage Eska 3.5 outboard motor
Minn Kota trolling motor

Girls bikes from Sixties Schwinn Touring, Huffy

BO-46862 Radio Remover Tool
BT 7612 Piston Tool
J44229 4.2 Engine Tool Kit
J44900 8.1 Engine Tool Kit
J46010 Vibe Tool Kit
J44466 Fuel Line Shutoff for CPF 5.7 L, 4.3 L
J36999-2 Q4 Engine Tool Kit
J38621  3.4 L Twin Cam Engine Kit
J43145 LS111 4.8L, 5.3L, 6.0 L Engine Tool Kit
J              6.6 L DIESEL Engine tool Kit
J38122 Crank Holding Tool
J37089-B  3.8 L Crankshaft Sensor Tool
J23444 Gear Puller
J39046  LT1 Crankshaft R and R Tool
J39091 LT1 Timing Tool
J24086 Piston Pin R and R Tool
J44246 Transmission Solenoid Tester
J36884 SIR Tester
J37420 Steering Knuckle Service Kit
J45709 LTD Slip Differential Service Kit
J36601 Pinion Shim Kit Front Axel
J45019 Pinion Cartridge Remover
J45857 Differential Tool
J34144-A  2.5 L  Valve Cover Remover
J45999 Cup Holder Tool
J42841 Rear Seal tool
13 Kent Moore rear main seal tools
J         4.0L and 4.6 L Cam tools
J          3.5 L Crank Front Seal

   J Thread Repair Kits
J 42385-400

J39021 Injector Tester and J34730 with
220, 230,240, 250, 255, 260, 302, 303,
305, 355,370,  385, 380, 410, 454 Adapters
J 41059 Speed Sensor with22, 60, 70, 200, 380,
390, 450, 460
Kent Moore Differential and Transfer case bearing and seal drivers
Kent Moore 460-1 and 460-2 Axle tools
Kent Moore Pinion Setting Kit
Kent Moore J Pinion Setting Gauge
Kent Moore Speed Sensor Tool
Kent Moore Miscellaneous  seal drivers
Kent Moore Miscellaneous Bearing Drivers

Kent Moore Miscellaneous engine tools
Kent Moore Miscellaneous tools

Kent Moore DIESEL pump tools
J45910 Injector tube remover DIESEL 6.6 L
EN47909 Injector bore kit DIESEL 6.6L
J35667  8 cylinder Leakdown Adapter DIESEL 6.6L
EN 47620 Pressure Vac gauge Adapter DIESEL 6.6L
EN47969 Fuel Hose   DIESEL 6.6L
2 Diesel  Compression Gauges, 5 Adapters
J38641-B Diesel Hydrometer
Kent Moore Manifold covers
6 Kent Moore Fuel Gauge sending unit tools
J24628-4 Steering Column Tester
Kent Moore Oil Pressure Adapter
Kent Moore and OTC miscellaneous Driver tools
Kent Moore MAG TAC RPM
Kent Moore J38188 Cylinder Head Bolt Extractor
Kent Moore Fuel Pump Testers and Evap testers
Kent Moore Differential Bearing Remover tools
Bearing Separators
Kent Moore J42598- B Vehicle Data Recorder Can 1
Kent Moore EN46999 D O D Tester
Kent Moore J41540 Homelink Tester
Kent Moore J38716 Teves Mark IV ABS
Kent Moore J-42598 Vehicle data Recorder OBD2
Kent Moore J-42958 Cruise Control Tester w/ J34185
Kent Moore J-39700 Breakout Box with 10-99-250-300-325-530-600-650 adapters
Kent Moore  J43799 Auto Trans
Kent Moore J-47275 Allison 4 gen
Kent Moore J29803 ISO Flaring tool
Kent Moore J41247 Brake pressure Pinout Box
Kent Moore J25323-B Power Steering System Analyzer
Kent Moore J-38792 Electronic Vibration Analyzer
Kent Moore J-24642-150 Ignition Module Tester
Kent Moore J46079 T.P.M.S. tool
Kent Moore J36101 M.A.P. Sensor Tester
Kent Moore J-33431-30 Signal Control
Kent Moore J38715-A SIR Load Tool
Kent Moore J37808 SIR Load Tool
Kent Moore J38826 SIR Deployment Harness
Kent Moore J38715and J37808 SIR load Adapters
Kent Moore 43298 Ignition Tester
Kent Moore ABS Testers J35592,J36210-90,and J41245
Kent Moore J39091 LT1 Engine Tools
SPX Kent Moore CH47976 Active Fuel Injector Tester
Kent Moore eleven and half Axle tool kit

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