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Welcome to the new K.O. Auctions website! Please feel free to browse around and view our upcoming auctions and sales below. Each auction/sale is listed with a date and location and well as a image gallery of items up for bid/sale. Like us on Facebook to receive instant notification of updates on the website. Contact information: Karen Onak, Auctioneer 402-297-5816 NEW Number karen@koauctions.com

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Call 402-297-5816 NEW number for more information.
All Indoor tag Sales CASH ONLY , NO EARLY SALES

Indoor Living  Estate Tag  Sale 2018,
May 3,4,5 Thur.9-6, Fri. 9-6, Sat. 9-4
So.of 35 St. and Center, Corner of 35 and Wright St,
2618 So. 35 St., Omaha,

Full List and pictures posted soon

Please check back up to sale day for full list and pictures, and details, added to daily

Check out pictures here http://koauctions.com/index.php?action=media;sa=album;in=1

or click on media, then on this months sale, at the bottom of that  page, click on  pages

Heirloom Sterling Silver Damask Rose tableware set, Sterling candle sticks, Carl Balbach Sterling Platter
Silverplate Coffee set, platters, bowls, Jennings Bros. nutcracker set
Seth Thomas metronome
M. Schulz of Chicago Player piano with rolls
Horner push button Accordion, Capitol Accordion
Sheet music, Music books
Marine Band Horner Harmonica
Records 33 , 45, 78, 8  tracks, Cassettes, 8 track tapes
Jewelry, Silver jewelry, Badges, Belt buckles, Bolos
Trunks, Suitcases,
Crates, Wood boxes,
Frederick Willys Pool Table 60 s, Ping pong set
Maytag washer and dryer set
Kelvinator 21 cu. Foot upright freezer, Philco chest freezer
Lazy Boy rocking recliner, Hide a bed Sofa, Sofa, Side Chair
Twin beds, Blond full headboard, Blond vanity and stool
Entertainment cabinet, TV and stand,Vintage Radios, Tape players,8 track player,  DVD player
High boy 11 drawer chest on legs, 5 drawer chest
Wall mount Curio cabinet
Mirrors, Vintage 5 ft. wood frame bevel mirror
Clown lamp, Horse heads TV lamp , table lamps, floor lamps, Hanging lamp
Table and chairs, TV trays with stand
Claw foot end table and coffee table, Wood stools
Bavaria china set, Hull, Homer Laughlin, Head mugs, Carnival, Depression,
 Salt and peppers, Sugar and creamers,
Carved wood box, Carved wood tray 1946 India,
Tempo Amplifier, Microphones,Tube Radio with telegraph key
Admiral 8 track, Admiral turn table, JC Penny cassette and turntable

Art, Frames
Vintage Magic Hostess Ice Crusher, Vintage metal Solo paper cup dispenser
Vintage gas burners 4 and 2
Vintage butcher Paper roll holder and tape dispenser
Brass Pyrene fire extinguisher
Vintage scale,
Ben Pearson Power Jet Long Bow number 334
Pocket knives
Clocks, Mushroom clock set, Cuckoo clock, vintage Nova clock, other table clocks
Clothe bags, Bank clothe bags
Darning eggs, sewing collectables

 Vintage  Old Cabin Still sign,
Beer Hamms, Storz, Budweiser, Blatz, Knickerbocker, Falstaff
Shoe companies, Propane, Auto,
7 UP, Canada dry openers
Wood Hangers

Graystone and Fairmont Milk porch boxes, tin and wood
Shriner Brass paper clip, Hat, Pins,  Masonic papers and collectables
Military WWII uniforms, Googles,  Medals, Mess kit, Belts, Paperwork, Trunk
Cigarette lighters,  Zippo Marilyn Monroe USS independence engraved, Cigar boxes, Plug tins,  Matchbooks, advertising, Ashtrays, Metal match holder, Cigarette cases.
Soap tins, Old tins and jars
Pharmacy Apothecary Motor and Pestle
Railroad matches, Railroad playing cards, 1969 calendar, postcard
Globe, Encyclopedias
Brass calendars 1943
Hubley cast iron cat
IW Harper plastic flask case, leather covered flask
Leather cover  tape measure England, Leather cover tape measure 
1939 South high pencil,
Transistor radios, Panasonic, Imperial by Superscope, Jade 12, International, Julietta, Topp
Emerson, Bell and Howell, Globel, Motorola pager
Cameras, Yamasheta, Kodak 600, Nikon L135, Kodak Instamatic, Kodak Starmite II, Kalart flash,
Shaving, Gillette and Shick hand razors, Rolls Royce Razor, Williams Holder tap shave stick container ,Everready and Rubberset brushes, Limoges shave mug, Electric shavers Shick, Ronson, Remington, Norelco
Coolidge Poker playing dog prints, 1983 Dennis Frings prints
Vintage phones
Duncan spinner tops , Nickerbacker Lamb
Structo Dump truck, Structo stock truck, Structo road grader
North American Van Lines moving truck, Guided missile truck, Bell telephone truck
Dinky toys Army Wagon England,
Gilbert Microscope and Lab set
Roy Rogers cap gun
Playing cards and games
Doll, top, Tinker, Vintage toys
Magazines, books, papers

1941 Army Song book, 1942 Army Technical training, 1963 Basic Seamanship,
1964 Air Force Supervisor Course, other military papers and paper items,  1940 Federal textbook on Citizenship
Weekly News Review Washington DC 1939 to 1940 s, Newspapers on WWII, Presidents Kennedy, Roosevelt, Hoover, Omaha weather events, Huskers, Sports,
Calendars 73 up
Popular Mechanic 1940 s
1940 s bank checks, 1940 IRS,
Postcards, Stamps, Envelopes
Czechoslovakia books and tapes 1899 up
Bibles and Hymnals
1918 Dictionary
Adding machines, Typewriters Smith Corona Coromatic 2200,
Canning kettle, canning jars
Enamel ware. Aluminum trays and dishes, Club aluminum pans
Mixer, kitchen small electrics, Roaster
Vintage Metal stools, Metal carts
Marble slabs
Sewing machines, Sewing, Crafts, Yarn, Patterns
Vintage hats, Vintage clothes, Hat boxes, Fur Stole, Wigs, Wedding dress, Czech outfit
Linens, Blankets,
Clothes, Shoes, Ties, Scarves, Purses, hats
Antique Fire Hydrant, Tractor seats, Metal wheel Wheelbarrow, Hand pump
Brass wash board, Iron door stop,
Vintage light shades
License plates, Mustang gas cap, Fog horn, 14 inch ford rims, Vintage Car parts
Vintage metal lawn chair
Apple baskets
Vintage Hardware, Buckets, Tins,
Vintage Sears Lathe model 109 20630
2 Vintage Champion Blower and Forge Co. Drill press, crank style converted to electric
McCray grinder wheel
Drills, Saws,
Hand tools, Fiberglass axe Handles and sledge handles
PLANES Stanley numbers 78, 4, 40, 95and 2 six in. no number, Bailey number 5
2 wood block planes, Stanley number 80 scraper
Molding wood planes
Lumber, Hardware, Metal, Plumbing, Electrical
Metal display racks
Blue rock thrower,
Bicycle, RAZOR,  vintage bike parts,
Wild Cat ice skates, others

Toro mower, Toro Snow blowers, Weed trimmers, Tiller, Soil blender
Lawn chairs, Bench, Yard art
Christmas and holiday decorations
Baskets, vases, Home decorations
Paper shredders, office supplies
Clothes, coats, Shoes, Purses, Ties, Scarves, Aprons
Handicap items

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