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Welcome to the new K.O. Auctions website! Please feel free to browse around and view our upcoming auctions and sales below. Each auction/sale is listed with a date and location and well as a image gallery of items up for bid/sale. Like us on Facebook to receive instant notification of updates on the website. Contact information: Karen Onak, Auctioneer 402-297-5816 NEW Number karen@koauctions.com

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May 2016
1/2 Price sale Saturday except bid items with bids

Call 402-297-5816 NEW number for more information.
All Indoor tag Sales CASH ONLY , NO EARLY SALES

Living Estate Indoor Tag Sale, 3 days,  May 19 to 21, 2016
Thur. and Fri. 9 to 6, Sat. 9 to 4
723 6 th Ave. Plattsmouth, Ne

Please check back up to sale day for full list and pictures,
We are having internet issues uploading pictures. Will try Thur. morning to see if more can be added.
Thank You for your patience.

Check out pictures here http://koauctions.com/index.php?action=media;sa=album;in=1

or click on media, then on this months sale, bottom of page, click on  pages 1 to 21

Amana Washer and dryer
Fridgidare Refrigerator
Hotpoint Electric stove
Wringer Washer, Galvanized Wash tub
Singer Sphinx Treadle sewing machine, Portable sewing machines, Cabinet sewing machine

Estey portable pump organ Early 1900 s
Columbia Grafonala grafonola phonograph
Wicker rocker, old rockers, Old chairs,
Vintage Wood Childs folding chairs
Dressers, Wash stands
Buffet, Shelves
Antique china hutch, Claw foot drop sides table
Hall trees, Wood desk
Hump back trunk, trunks, Suitcases
Motorola Tube TV, G E Tube radios, Halton Radio, Transistor radios
Reel to reel recorder, 8 Track player, Turn table and speakers,  stereo , Record players
Records 78 s, 33 LP and 45 s, 8 tracks, CD s, Childrens records, Childrens records with books
Philco record player Radio, Cabinet stereo, Sm. portable record players
Turntable and speakers
Cameras,  Baby Max with case, Sitacon ST3, Fuji, Polaroid Land, Continental 1050, Vivatar P530,
Magimatic X50, Hanimex Flash, Keystone 3570
Antique Monarch wood crank wall phone complete, Rotary desk phone
[b]Lunch boxes, Star Wars Return of Jedi with Thermos,
   Star trek 1968 with Thermos, Partridge family with thermos, Barbie
Vintage Everlast boxing gloves 2 pair,

complete list of toys later, all vintage
Comic books,  see list at bottom of page
Hubley Kiddie Airplane. Hubley Dozer, Tonka Fire truck, Dozer
Ertl toys, Tractor, grain wagon, plow, Ertl International tractors
John Deere toy Manure spreader, Remco Light Bulldog tank
MPC Dukes of Hazard model, Rat
Slik tractor ,Tim Wee motorcycle, Tootsie Greyhound, Sedan, Convertible
Louis Marx Powerhouse dump truck, Marx train set
1967 Uneeda doll Co Squeak doll, 1968 Ken doll, Barbie Midnight horse with box
Playschool Wood Puzzles, Duncan yo yo s, tops
Marx  Rock m , sock m Robots
Buddy L fire truck, Structo Rocker
Tanks and jeeps, Soldiers, cowboys and indians,
Cap guns, Dick Tracy cap gun
Dolls, Doll Cradles, Doll rocker
Green giant Little Sprout doll,
Xylophones, Rhythm Band ,  Wahlberg and August, Musicland guitar, Chime bells
Mr. Ed Puppet
Aurora Model motoring Pat.no. 3.228.607 with Camero 7, Cougar A, Vet 1
Marx muzzleloader toy rifle
Kadet Trainer rifle Pat. No. 2.649.849
Handy Andy microscope, Lionel Porter Microcraft
Disney items, Banks
Fisher Price Snoopy dog
Louisville slugger bat and other baseball and sports items
Metal roller skates, Master Marathon, Union roller skates
Mighty Joe Remote control 24 inch tank
American Logs
K O wind up Robot
Tudor Electric Football Game
Dominos, Cribbage, board games,
Wood puzzles, Cootie,

View Masters
Red Lobster bell, School bell, Bell collection
Perfume atomizers
1946 Hull Red Riding Hood Dresser Jar,  RARE good condition
Mc Coy, Hull, Haeger, Lefton figures, Enarco, Soap stone
Denmark angels, Lefton angels
France powder box
Teapots, Salt nad pepper collection
Enamal pans, Cast iron skillets , Griswold griddle
India brass miniatures, Brass ashtrays, other brass
Fire king, Batman fire king cups
Canning jars, Canning pot
Pressure cookers,
Dishes, glassware, pots and pans,
Mixer,  small kitchen electrics, Microwave
Kirby classic vacuum
Craft, Yarn, Sewing
Craft wood and lumber
Carved canes, canes and walking sticks

Posters 50 s up, Union Pacific, School, Ads, more
Books 1850 s and up, Childrens Golden books and
 yearbooks, Wayne State 1959 and 63 , Plattsmouth 1982,
The Beautiful Story by Buel 1887
1962 Brail, July 1962, The Blind American
Murray Centennial book
Magazines ,old newspaper, Post cards, Stamps
1972 Life mag. Harry  Truman issue
Keystone View Stereo scope  Pictures , Stereo Scope viewer

Advertising, Advertising Hand fans,  Yard sticks, Rulers, Shoe horns, Matchbooks, and more
Fountain pens and ink,
Original Fall out shelter tin sign
Rail Road items, Burlington Northern, UP

Military WWI and WW II, Helmets, Uniforms, Paper, Gas Mask, More
Boy Scouts

Art work, Curve glass framed Jesus scene, Silohette pictures, frames
Vintage Lamps, Oil lamps
School desk  bell, school  teaching items back to early 1900 s
Twins bobble head
Tobbacco items, Pipes, Humidor, Ashtrays, Cigar boxes

Thin Fin Hot N Tot, Thin Fin , Pat.No. D206.48, Thin Fin Shiner Minnow, Thin Fin Pat. No. D206, 486
Jitterbug, Fred Arbogast, Swanee, Beetle spin 2, Flash bait Spinner 255MPLS 8,Minn.
Mepps Lusox 1, Evans , Oleco 592, Johnson Smart Minnow Pat. No. 8-22-28
Hildebrandt 3 , Gold seal Famous baits, from J C Penny, in box
Tins, Ideal Split Shot, Hook tins Pflueger No. 4005, Ass Greed 40
Tackle boxes
Rods and reels,  Johnson Skipper reel, Heddon reel with Johnson rod, Zebco 202 with Revelation rod
Pflueger 530 reel and Pflueger rod, Great lakes S 30 bait caster reel
South Bend rod with Kwik Stik rod

License plates, Old car parts and mirrors, Car 8 Track, Car ramps

Persons Worchester, Mass. Banana seat and sissy bar and handles
Metal dirt bike shoe
Motor cycle helmet
Metal pantry cabinets
Metal Projector carts
IBM typewriter, Royal Typewriter

3 wood stoves
Homelite chain saw
Wizard self pro. Mower

Duro Table saw, Montgomery Ward Powercraft table saw
Router  and table,
Montgomery Ward Band saw
Hand tools, Small electric tools
Buck saw, two man saw
Yard tools
Industial lights, High line insulators
Gun cleaning kits, NO GUNS

Pete Millar s The Best of Drag Cartoons no. 1
Charlton , Grand Prix 19 May, Hot Rods and Racing cars 90 June,
Popeye 116 Sept.,
Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy 18 Jan., Fantastic Four 78 Sept., The western Kid 4 Jan.
DC, Batman 179 Sept., Worlds Greatest Super Females DC100,416 Mar., Batman 179 Mar.
Sea Devils 33 Feb.,
Harvey, Little Audrey 81 April, Little Lotta 101 May, Devil Kids 54 May, Tuff Ghosts 38 Sept.,
Tuff Ghosts 39 Nov., Sad Sad Sack World 17 June, Sad Sack Sarge 94 Apr., and 68 June,
Sad Sacks Funny Friends 73 Apr., Sad Sack 230 Jan.,
Fawcett, Dennis the Menace 1972 no. 06578, and 1972 no, 06558
Archie, Archie 28 June, Reggies Wise Guy Jokes 21 May
Gold Key, Bullwinkle and Rocky April 90013 204, Tom and Jerry Sept. 90058 209,
Huckleberry Hound July 10067 807, Tom and Jerry Golden Comics Digest Mar. 92401 203,
Porky Pig Oct. 10140 010, Chip N Dale 10214 904, Uncle Scrooge 1969 Apr. 10038 904,
Donald Duck 1966 July 10037 607, Donald Duck 1969 Sept. 10037 909,
Walt Disney Comics and Stories 1969 Sept. 10011 909, Tarzan Feb. 10012 402,
Classics Illustrated, Robinson Crusoe 10, Oliver Twist 23, Lorna Doone 32,
The Pioneers 37, Kidnapped 46, Unde Two Flags 86, The  Call of the Wild 91,
Pudd N Head Wilson 93, Wild Bill Hickok 121, The Time Machine 13, The Little Savage 137,
4 H TV Program Mulligan Stew

Entire household will be sold, full list to be posted later.
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