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Welcome to the new K.O. Auctions website! Please feel free to browse around and view our upcoming auctions and sales below. Each auction/sale is listed with a date and location and well as a image gallery of items up for bid/sale. Like us on Facebook to receive instant notification of updates on the website. Contact information: Karen Onak, Auctioneer 402-297-5816 NEW Number karen@koauctions.com

November 10, 2015, 08:48:51 am by lindathorn | Views: 24559 | Comments: 0

Call 402-297-5816 NEW number for more information.
All Indoor tag Sales CASH ONLY , NO EARLY SALES

When setting up a sale Mar. 13 to 15,  My Cargo Master by Dolittle Single axle
enclosed trailer loaded with tables and supplies was stolen. Tables had letters K O on underside.
If you see tables or trailer please let me know.

Indoor Living Estate Tag Sale  November or Dec. 2019
Sale will be in DUNBAR, Ne.

ENTIRE HOUSE has to be emptied.

Please check back up to sale day for full list and pictures, and details, added to daily.
Jewelry collection pictures will be added Weds.

Check out pictures here http://koauctions.com/index.php?action=media;sa=album;in=1

or click on media, then on this months sale, at the bottom of that  page, click on  pages

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Apr 27, 2019
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Trailer pic0922161515 2 (004)
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Posted by konak
Apr 27, 2019
in OCTOBER 2019 Estate Sale