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Welcome to the new K.O. Auctions website! Please feel free to browse around and view our upcoming auctions and sales below. Each auction/sale is listed with a date and location and well as a image gallery of items up for bid/sale. Like us on Facebook to receive instant notification of updates on the website. Contact information: Karen Onak, Auctioneer 402-297-5816 NEW Number karen@koauctions.com

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February 2016
Call 402-297-5816 NEW number for more information.
All Indoor tag Sales CASH ONLY , NO EARLY SALES

Living Estate Indoor Tag Sale
716 Pluma Drive, Bellevue, Ne
2 blocks south of Bellevue East High School on Lincoln to LeMay, turn East 2 blocks to Pluma Drive

February 11-13, 2016
Thur.-Fri. 9AM-6, Sat. 9-4

Please check back up to sale day for full list and pictures, will be adding more.

Check out pictures here http://koauctions.com/index.php?action=media;sa=album;in=1

or click on media, then on this months sale, bottom of page, click on  pages 1 to 21

1987 Mercury Grand Marquis, 96,000 miles

 Hohner Portable Keyboard Organ with Stand and case, Story and Clark Piano and bench, sheet music
Antique Child s Wrought Iron Ice cream table and chairs
Child s school desk, child s bench and chalk board, Vintage 1950 s baby  and childrens clothes
Easy fold Carriage by Welsh, Folding carry bed, Vintage  Wood Crib
Vintage Thayer  convertible wood high chair, Modern Playpen
Oak Claw foot Dining Table and chairs, Small china cabinet
Side cabinets mesh wire fronts
Mid century Retro furniture ,  blue  fold down couches, Side chairs, Small loveseat
Queen bedroom set, 3  Twin beds
Small roll top desk, Bookshelves metal and wood, Small Metal desk, Med.  metal desk, office chair
End tables, Blonde mid century end tables and cabinet
 Black 3 drawer chests , Child s  5 drawer dresser
Microwave stand, Dorm fridge,
Bamboo chair and end table set, Cane chair
Metal kitchen cart, Folding Tea table carts
Brass umbrella stand, Plant stand, Small sofa table
Ironite Ironing machine
Pharmacy and drug store collectables, Halls Cough drop rack, Lamp, Dishes, advertising
Wood half  door from Johnson pharmacy, Bellevue,
Seth Thomas wall clock, Schatz and Sohne, German Lectric clock
Westclock display cases, Westclock electric Time and date clock
The E. Ingraham Co. Lion head Mantle clock
Vintage lamps, Hanging and table, Kerosene converted to electric lamp,
Deitz Red Comet battery lantern
Toys, Marx Fort Apache with Box and accessories, Marx Fort Dearborn
Marx  Giant Blue and Gray Battle set With box and Accessories
Skyline construction set by Elgo, Ideal Sky Port Building set 1968
Marx Flintstones play set,
Castle Attack, Knights
Gowland 1952 toy car replica of 1908 Buick, 65 Foyt Indy car
Tootsie army, cars, more, Vintage Tonka Rescue Squad, Service truck, Semi cattle trailer Stamp steel
Premeire Army, Tim-Mee toys, Tiny Wee Toys Aurora Il.
Dinky Racer, Auburn Harley Davidson Motorcycle Cop
Banier Flying disc gun
Kids western Holster, 6 shooter and 9mm Lugar cap gun, Spurs, hats, Indian headdress, Walls vest
Strombecker wood train
Diener erasers, Nixon And Agnew rubber toy
Wood Toy Chest,  Doll play pen
Ohio  art Top, View finders and reels
Mickey mouse ear hat, 1968 Archie club Jughead hat
Lincoln logs, Marbles
Kids western Holster, 6 shooter and 9mm Lugar cap gun,
Spurs, hats, Indian headdress, Walls vest
Toy pots and pans, Dishes, stove, Iron board, Sad Iron
Cowboys, Indians, Army, Horses, Banier Flying disc gun
Strombecker wood train
Diener erasers
Games, Milton Bradley,  puzzles
1965 Bash game, 1960 Life game, Bridg-it , Pig Pong, Out wit,

Dolls and stuffed toys
Columbia Monkey, Rushton Horse, Skunk, Rushton Cow
 Quick Draw McGraw and Augie doggie, Yogi bear, Smokey the bear, Humpty dumpty
Gund Popeye 387Wimpy 388, Olive Oil 389, Gund bear
Cara Beaver, Ideal Smokey the Bear,
The Sun Rubber Co. Tod-L-Tim and Tod-L-Dee  dolls
Rusty doll V-15-2 , Doll Case, 3 Doll Quilts ,Dennis the Mennis doll and Puppet

Circus lunch tins with handles, Slot machine bank
Typewriters, Royal, Remie scout model,
Binoculars, telescope
Bell and Howell Director Series movie camera,Projector screen
Kodak Tele-Ektralite, Disc 8000, Instamatic 20, Signet 40
Polaroid 230 with flash and Potrait attachment
Tasco 7 x 35 binoculars, Butterfly folding binoculars
National Transistor radio
Watches, Ingraham Stop watch, Accutron wrist watch, timex wrist watch
Tie clips, money clips
Pocket knives Maher, Rostfrey, Kabar

Match book display, matchbook collection
Claudette Colbert 1928 Engra=o-tints , Bob Hope ticket @U N L  1971
Landers, Ferry and Clark Scale
Trunk, Army trunk, Luggage, briefcases
Red wing, Hull, Hall, McCoy, Pottery, Fiesta Ware dishes, Lakeside ceramic vase,
1949 pink Sweet potatoes planter
Lead and Chrystal glass, Colbalt Blue, Pitcher and glasses ,
Hobnail  white opalescent, Anchor Hocking Soreno pattern Avocado green glass
Homestead snack sets, Collector plates, Ashtrays
Salt and pepper sets, Vintage Lazy susan
Wagner  cast iron corn bread pan
Tupperware, Dishes, Pots and Pans,
Kitchen small electrics,Hamilton beach malt mixer, Salton Cappuccino Exress

Pictures, prints, Art, Cosmos and Damian by Adolf Dehn,
Thermoses, ice chest, Porcelain coffee pot
Baskets, vases, Planters, Wood crates, tins
The Voice of Music table cabinet model record player, Records LP and 45, TV s
Books, see partial list of books at bottom
Yearbooks, Colorado Springs 1912,
Chieftain Bellevue High 1964,65,66, 57, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73
1957 Sarpy County Centennial items
Quilts, Bedding, Linens
Quilter frame and sewing items
Mens hats, Stetson , Dobbs, 1967 Nebraska centennial hats, Ladies clothes and coats
Bar items
Post cards 1948 to 50 s, Old postage, Old paper items,Union Pacific Map
1951-1957 World herald  And Bellevue Press
Sky King, Kirby Grant Autographed poster From Carson and Barnes Circus

Advertising items
Military trench coat and leggings, complete uniform, Handy pad Supply Wound dressing tin
Bayonet UC, U  O S 1942 , The O looks to have a flame above it
Ration Stamps, 1918 Stars and stripes
Scout badges, books, Leader uniform , Scarves,Boy scout Bugle and book,

Strait Razor, Rolls Razor, vintage Electric razors, Remington Rollectric, micro screen and 60 deluxe

Golf clubs, Golf  decorations, books, and collectables
Symetric by A. Spaulding and Bros., Maxfli by Dunlap, Invincible 51 P Putter
Austad, Titleist by Acushnet, Tommy Bolt Lightning 500, Jene  Little

Vintage fishing rods, Horrocks Ibbotson Fly Rod
Brunswick Snurfer  Snow board
Grill, Yard tools, Lawn swing, Lawn Chairs, Yard Art

Star crank water pump by S B P Co. St. Louis
Electric fireplace
Rocks and shells
Holiday decorations
Girls of Central High Basketball ,1914, By Gertrude Morrison, The Saalfield Pub. Co.
Western Bird Guide, 1920, By Chester Reed, Doubleday, Page and Co.
A Field Guide to the Birds, 1947, by Roger Tory Peterson, Houghton Mifflin Co.
The Green Book of Birds, 1931, by Ashbrook and Moller, Whitman Publishing Co.
Red Cross Home Nursing , 1909-1919, Lona L. Trott, Blakiston Co.
American Red Cross First Aid Text Book, 1933-1937, Maple Press Co.
King of the Golden River, 1904 ?, by John Roskin, Henneberry Co.
Archery, 1926, by Robert P. Elmer, Penn Pub. Co.
Gregg Shorthand-Anniversary Edition, 1929, Gregg Pub. Co.
Gregg Shorthand Dictionary, 1930,  Gregg Pub. Co.
Gregg Dictation and Transcription , 1937, Gregg Pub. Co.
Ships That Pass in the night, 1893, Beatrice Barraden, Donahue Brthers, Chicago
The Frozen North, by M. Douglas, DeWolfe, Fiske Co. no date, pages are upsidedown backwards
Rickshaw Bay, 1946, by Lau Shaw, Sundial Press
East Wind, West Wind, 1930, Pearl S. Bud, World Publishing Co.
Western Flower Guide, 1923, by Charles Francis Sauders, Doubleday Page and Co.
Butterflies and Moths of America, 1934, Lillian Davids Fazzini, Whitman Pub. Co.
14 Readers Digest Books, 1948, First Edition, Readers Digest Ass. Pub in US
Little Nell, 1902, Dickens, Colonial Press Co.
Midas of the Rockies, 1949, Frank Waters, University of Denver Press
Complete Cheerful Cherub, 1932, Rebecca McCann, Covid, Friede, Inc.
Roberta s Flying Courage, 1930, Harrison Bairdwell, World Sundicate Pub. Co.So
This is Peace, 1946, Bob Hope, Am Book Stratford Press Inc.
Good for a Laugh, 1952, Bennett Cerf, Hanover House
Shakesphere, 1878, John S. Hart, Claxton, Remsen,Haffelfinger  in office of Librarian of Congress
Websters new Am. Dictionary, 1945, Books, Inc.
Behind the Picture Window, 1955, Benard Rudofsky, Oxford University Press
No Time for Sergents, 1954, Mac Hyman, Random House
Practical Mathematics, 1936, Lennes, McMillian Co.
The Gauntlet, 1945, James Street, Doubleday, Doran and Co.
The Royal Road to Romance, 1925, Hillburton, Bobbs-Merril Co.
Favorite Poems, 1958, Art Krusz, Wonderbooks
Timberline, 1933, Gene Fowler, Garden City Publishing
War and Peace, 1942, Leo Tolstoy, Simon and Schuster
Robinson Crusoe, 1899, Daniel Defoe, Henry Altemus Co.
With Malice Towaed Some, 1938, Margaret Halsey, Simon and Schuster
The Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain, 1857, Charles Neider Library of Congress
The Days of Ofelia, 1942, Gertrude Diamart, Houghton Miffin Co.
Headhunting in the Solomon Islands, 1942, Caroline Mutinger, Kingsport Press
Worlds End , 1940, Upton Sinclair, McMillian Co.
Wind, Sun, Stars, 1945, Saint Exupery, Bantom Books
Spoonhandle, 1946, Ruth Moore, William Morrow and Co.
Inside U.S.A.,1947, John Gunther, Harper and Brothers
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